The Disruptive Independent Film Makers Association - METAflms

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METAflms is an association for Independent Film Makers. We specialise in unique, fresh and original, short film series, particularly animation. 

We provide a novel “interactive” Cinema and TV experience, for discerning viewers, who appreciate much greater choice in their entertainment & lifestyle. 

In METAflms disruptive process we provide unique opportunities for independent film makers and film music composers, to work together. 

So our vision of every song being an untold story, can now find an outlet….

*NB: We do NOT accept unsolicited scripts or music. Instantly binned. Please join the Newsletter & follow the briefs & competitions – exclusively! 

METAflms creates an Eco system of $40,000+ budget movies with a 15% music budget of $6,000.

We do NOT take a cut of the sync licence fee and composers keep 100% of their broadcast royalties. 

In fact we go even further than this.

METAflms can facilitate public  SPONSORSHIP (by the audience & composers) in to the IP of each project and share any future profits (much like an NFT), but with much greater ease and less technology obstacles. 

Where does the money come from? The profits come from the viewing membership, merchandising & Syndication to other networks. We share the revenue equally with our founders (like you).